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Scented Escapes: Crafted to transport you to sandy shores and salty breezes, our scents are a beach state of mind.

Immerse your space in fragrance responsibly. Our EcoBase™ Diffuser Solution is the heart of our reed diffusers. Non-toxic, DPG-free, and compliant with VOCs in all 50 states, it's the eco-conscious choice. Made with 50.1% renewable resources, this solution is not just a scent; it's a commitment to sustainability.


  • 1.5 oz. fragrance oil in a sealed glass bottle, with wood cap and rattan reeds

Sunshine + Saltwater's Signature Scents

Beach House: Bergamot, Sea Salt + Peony
Beach Bum:Banana + Coconut
Boardwalk Bonfire:
Cotton Candy + Campfire
Driftwood: Sea Spray, Sage + Teakwood
Golden Hour: Orange, Gardenia, Amber
Shake Your Bum Bum: Pistachio, Salted Caramel +Vanilla (our version of BRAZILIAN CRUSH)
Summer Days: Sea Spray, Shea + Coconut

Orange Crush:Orange Citrus + Sugar
Tropical Citrus
Sea Salt, Jasmine + Citrus
Rehoboth: Mango, Lotus Flower + Vanilla

Hawaiian Tropic Like It’s Hot: Coconut, Sweet Vanilla + Suntan Oil (our version of HAWAIIAN TROPIC)
Hawaiian Plumeria: Plumeria (sweet floral)

I Got Leid Hawaiian Style: Tuberose + Coconut

DTA Downtown Annapolis:Coastal Waters + Jasmine
Ego Alley:
Rum, Citrus + Jasmine
Eastern Shore:
Sea Salt + Teakwood


Scent: Beach House

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