A little bit about me...

I LOVE THE BEACH. And if I can't be at the beach, I'm thinking about the beach, looking at pictures of the beach, figuring out when I can get to the beach and...

  • wearing clothes that remind me of the beach
  • decorating my house with beach art
  • surrounding myself with scents that remind me of the beach
  • wearing accessories that make me feel like I'm at the beach
  • sticking beach stickers on anything I can

My mission is simple: Bring the beach vibe to your everyday life. 

I also love supporting small businesses and local artists. Our designs are a collaboration from local artists who share the love of the beach and ocean.

I’m a toes in the sand and beer in my hand kinda girl and being around SUNSHINE + SALTWATER is my favorite place to be. While I love ALL BEACHES, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and the beaches of Hawaii are my special places - it's where I feel most at HOME. 

1st + 50 Beach Lifestyle Apparel

When I started this business I first called it 1st + 50... and soon realized that didn't mean much to anyone but me. So I quickly changed to Sunshine + Saltwater which really speaks to the heart and soul of my small business.

I’m currently a part-time resident of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (the 1st state) and married the the love of my life right on the sand at Deauville Beach in Rehoboth. 

I grew up in Hawaii (the 50th state) in the 80’s (the best decade ever, which also churned out some really cool t-shirt designs) and still talk with some of my besties Da Girls weekly and connect either back in Hawaii or the mainland – they are, and always will be, my sistas – my Ohana.

Both communities have permanent places in my heart.
Ohana House is our part-time home in Rehoboth Beach, and Hawaii used to be my home—and, if I have my way, in a few years, I will call both places my home. 

I am beyond thankful that my father’s military career brought me to Hawaii as a young girl, and that he grew to love and respect the people and community as much as I do. I was blessed that Da Girls took me—Da Crazy Haole—in, accepted me, made me feel welcomed, and shared their lives with me. They instilled in me the idea that the Aloha spirit lives in us, and we carry it anywhere we choose. I see the Aloha spirit everywhere in Rehoboth Beach and the people that live there, which is one of the reasons why I think I love it so much.

Sunshine + Saltwater is my way of sharing the spirit of oneness, abundance, kindness, and fun of both communities with the world.

Da Girlz | My Ohana

Part of the Aloha spirit is kindness and compassion. Some of the proceeds from each of our sales will go to the Surfrider Foundation.

We chose Surfrider because we are passionate about our beaches and ocean. We want to reduce the impact of plastics and keep our oceans and beaches clean and accessible.

Ironically, the nickname Da Girls gave me, and still call me today, is Granni – ‘cause I was the “crazy, senile, haole”.

My mom, Judy, loved the beach and Hawaii as well. While we were in Hawaii she received her master of education degree in elementary education from the University of Hawaii in 1983. She is the reason we own a home in Rehoboth and for supporting the Alzheimer’s Association. My mom passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2019 – we celebrated her life and sprinkled her ashes Hawaii that same year. Her Aloha spirit lives on.

My dad, Jim, may have loved Hawaii and the beach more than me. He fully embraced the Hawaiian lifestyle and Aloha spirit and brought it back the mainland with him. He is currently battling Parkinson’s and refuses to let the awful disease defeat his kindness and perseverance. (My Dad passed away in 2022 before I was able to get the site live - I wasn't ready for him to go, but he was and he is no longer struggling and is at peace... and I am able to find some comfort in that). We also celebrated his life in grand style and hiked up Diamond Head and sprinkled his ashes so he could forever be in Hawaii.

My Dad. Parkinsons Hawaii

Beach, Love + Aloha
~ Michelle

Founder + SSC (Sunshine + Saltwater Consultant)
Sunshine + Saltwater

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