SUNstainability ~ part of the mission of Sunshine + Saltwater.

Each and every day I make decisions that impact our world in a positive way - it's a goal I set for myself long ago back in high school.
I am a firm believer that every little small act adds up to HUGE results and these are a few of the things I do to keep our world beautiful and healthy.👇

  • Turing off the light when you leave a room and switching to LED Bulbs (except in your Easy Bake Oven - you still need the old school ones for that). 🤣
  • Cutting each and ever plastic 6-pack rings so wildlife doesn't choke or get caught in them.
  • Using reusable bags -OR- recycling the ones you have because you forgot to bring your reusable bags.
  • Shipping your products in eco-friendly bags or recycled boxes.
  • Creating "made to order" garments or similar products to help reduce textile waste.
  • Ordering goods and supplies from small businesses in close proximity so that you can help reduce the carbon footprint of shipping the goods to you.
  • Take a bag with you each time you walk on the beach or in your neighborhood and pick up trash - it may not be your trash, but it's your planet!!

So even if you think to yourself - How can the small things I do each day save the ocean, the beaches, my community, our planet...?

Keeping our beaching and waterways clean is extremely important to me since they are my favorite places on our planet.


Make your next beach trip fun, earth-friendly and with sustainability in mind.

Take Out What You Take In
You've heard it before, but leaving only footprints really is the most important part - take out what you take in!! And if you are a smoker that includes your BUTTS - check out more about Hold Onto Your Butt, the Surfrider Foundations movement to help eliminate cigarette butts from our beaches.

Avoid Single-Use Plastic
If and when you can avoid single-use plastic. This includes items such as straws, water bottles, and grocery bags. A reusable water bottle is one of the easiest ways to avoid buying drinks in plastic bottles. If you do use single-use plastic, make sure to recycle it.

ALWAYS Bring A Garbage Bag
Most beaches have trash bins at the exit and having a trash bag on the beach with you is the easiest way to gather up all your trash (and any other trash you may see that was left by others). Make a trash bag part of your daily supplies you bring to the beach.

Ocean + Reef Safe Sunscreen
The options for these types of sunscreens is growing. Mineral sunscreen is a great option that is eco-friendly and reef safe.

Support Local Eco-Friendly Organizations
These organizations are working hard to protect our beaches, oceans and the environment and they need our help! There are a number of great ways to support them, such as donating money or time.

You can also support and buy eco-friendly products that are made by local businesses!!

What small acts do you do to help support our oceans and beaches?

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