Sunshine + Saltwater in 2023

I wanted to take a moment to give a BIG Mahalo to everyone supporting not only my small business, but ALL the small businesses out there. You are supporting someone's passion and something they truly love AND THAT IS WORTH TALKING ABOUT AND CELEBRATING!!

I also wanted to talk a bit about Sunshine + Saltwater. 😎

All my life I have loved the beach and the water.
I was born on the 4th of July so I have spent every single birthday celebrating at the beach. First in Korea, then in OBX (The Outer Banks of North Carolina), Ocean City, Dewey, Rehoboth or on a lake in Wisconsin and Virginia or the river in Annapolis... there was always water.

I was blessed enough back in the 80's (PS - best decade ever 😉) to live in Hawaii. My father was stationed at Ft. Shafter so our family had the privilege of moving to Hawaii. He is the one who shared his love of the beach and water sports with me - he taught me how to ski, snorkel, boogie board, wind surf, and just to love and appreciate the water. I have wanted to live at the beach my entire life and now I am finally blessed to have a home in Rehoboth Beach. It was soooooooo worth the wait and I love every minute I get to spend there.

I have a degree in Graphic Design, spent years working at Sundog doing t-shirt designs for everyone from the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Universal, Disney and local schools and organizations - BUT my favorite shirt designs have ALWAYS been the ones found in surf shops.

I'm OBSESSED with surf shops and all the amazing designs found there.

I loved the way the shirts I bought made me feel when I wore them later. They brought the feeling of being at the beach into my every day life.

THAT IS EXACTLY what I want all the products from Sunshine and Saltwater to do - Bring the beach into your everyday life - your wardrobe, your home, your car, your water bottle... your life. So even when you aren't sitting at a beach or your favorite tiki dive bar or in a local surf shop - you can feel like you are there!!

For those of you who love the beach as much as I do - my hope is I can bring a little bit of the beach vibe to you with every one of my products.

Sunshine + Shakas,

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