Making Waves: Why Shopping Sunshine and Saltwater Is Eco-Conscious Living, from Shore to Store

Local Art, Global Love: Our products serve as a canvas for local artists, offering unique beach-inspired designs from Delaware, Maryland, Hawaii, Japan, and California. Wear a piece of coastal culture, crafted with love and the spirit of sun, sand, and surf.

Tide of Change: We are proud members of Surfrider Delaware, we're dedicated to protecting the ocean's heartbeat. With every purchase, you fuel the waves of positive change for our beaches and beyond, making a tangible impact on the environment. Join us at one of the monthly meeting or one of the many beach clean ups when you can.

Sustainable Printing: Experience the beauty of short-run, on-demand printing—a sustainable imprint on the planet that speaks volumes about our commitment to eco-conscious apparel and home goods.

Zero Waste Commitment: Our commitment is to create as little textile waste as possible. Every piece tells a story, not just in design but in environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Products: Dive into a world of sustainability with our eco-friendly materials, sourced responsibly to tread lightly on our planet.

Responsible Mindset: We're not just a brand; we're a commitment to ethical practices. From biodegradable packaging to reusing and recycling, our responsible mindset touches all parts of the business.

Give Back with Every Purchase: Choosing Sunshine and Saltwater isn't just about supporting a small business—it's about supporting a cycle of giving. With corporate giving, community support, and environmental consciousness, every product is made with care and consideration.

Mahalo ~ to the Sunshine and Saltwater family, I extend my heartfelt thanks. Together, let's create waves of change, one eco-friendly product at a time, and elevate our everyday with the essence of the beach!!

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